Wednesday, February 07, 2007


1. got married
2. owned an internet shop
3. lost contact on some of my friends
4. bored
5. still a bum... hehehe!

attention D/K! i miss your company!

Sunday, November 06, 2005

Beer Pa!......

I can't imagine myself not drinking a single or two bottles of beer. Every night I drink. All by myself. Maybe I should buy the shirt that says : I Only Drink Beer On Days That End In "Y". Hehehe! I do blame myself for this misery. My friends are all busy on their jobs. Me? Still a big bum.

I'm such a loner. I do enjoy drinking alone. Para walang libre! San Mig Light is the beer that I love. Red Horse Beer when I'm not driving. They are my two best drinking buddies. I don't even need a pulutan. I go to the place just to drink. Don't even care if there's a band performing cover songs on stage. They suck! I only shook my head when they're performing. Feeling solo concert!

Maybe I should try sobering myself right now. Coffee nga!

Monday, October 24, 2005

Thanx for reminding me, D/K!

Grabe! Inamga na utak ko. Halos mag-iisang taon na pala ako di nakakapag-post. Salamat kay D/K a.k.a. Deric! Pinaalala nya sa akin ang blog ko. Halos nawalan na ko ng interest sa blog. Mas gusto ko kasi ang magbasa ng blog ng iba. hehehehe!

any way, THANK YOU, D/K! I owe you one! tama ba? hehehe! or you owe me? ahhh! basta!

Friday, November 26, 2004

It's Good to be Back!!!

Well, well, well! Look who's back in this blogspot site? It's more than a month (I think) since I posted my last blog. Blame it on school or just my lazyness. Stories are stored in my brain but I always forgot to post it, or just type it, save it and paste it in this page. My birthday came, All Saints' Day came and what, no time to post any stories or just any thoughts to update my blog? Right, no time to post...

Blame it on my prof. He's giving me a hard time to his subject/s. Nakakatamad kasi subject/s nya! NFE pa ako! I need to make a move so that I will never re-take his research subject. I know he's playing a game with us. Wait! I'm just the only one left with no grade. My 2 other colleagues got their grades. DAMN!

Wednesday, October 06, 2004

I'm not stupid... They are.

I just went to the store where I bought the pirated DVD copy of House of Flying Daggers. Yes, folks, it's pirated! I don't have much time to watch the movie so I bought my own copy. I returned the DVD because I have a complain. The complain is all about the subtitles. It is a Chinese movie so I need the English subtitles to fully understand the damn movie. When I arrived at the store, I quickly told the guy about the problem. He said, "Sa sampung bumili ng copy ng movie na yan, ikaw lang ang nagsoli, ikaw lang ang may reklamo.". I challenged him to insert the DVD so that he can see what am I whining about. In the movie, the story took place in the year 1376 (not sure). The subtitles did not match the story. If you read the subtitles, the two main characters are discussing about a "motor bike"! The subtitles also said about a US military officer(?). The owner saw it. I said, "Di ako tanga tulad ng sampung bumili sa yo!". I insisted to look for another copy of the movie and to test it. It's all the same! Grrr!

I just requested to just replace it with another movie. He said okay. I chose SEVEN, starring Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman. Now, I need to choose what sin does my life fall into? HEHEHE!

Thursday, September 30, 2004

Animo... La Salle!!!

Earshot : Flake by Jack Johnson & Ben Harper

I was late for the Game 3 UAAP Finals. 2 minutes left on the clock. FEU was down 2 points. Geesh... They can win, I know. The game was a close fight. I can feel the intensity even if I'm in front of the idiot box. I'm screaming inside of my head: FEU! FEU! FEU! Beat La Salle! (please?).

Please don't let my friendster bulletin boards be filled with annoying ANIMO LA SALLE!. Please!

Dang! Casio sank the 3-point shot of the game or rather the shot of his life. The Tams are down with 1 point. 24 seconds left, Miranda dribbled the ball to their basket, he fakes and shot a bank shot. Niluwa! Santos tipped the ball in. Niluwa! No FOUL! Dang! Cardona got the ball, was fouled and sealed the victory, 68-65. Tsamba! Hehehe!

I checked my friendster account and there they are, ANIMO LA SALLE!, LA SALLE SINKS FEU!, ANIMO... These came from my friends who finished their studies in their dear alma mater... De La Salle University..... Dasmarinas, Cavite. Hehehe! The La Salle Taft of the mountain. Hehehe! Do their Taft-based counterpart know that there is a DLSU campus in Cavite? Maybe... By the way, I saw some La Salle-Dasma students watching the game live. I know that they are from Cavite. Hehehe!

I'm just wondering, why do La Salle-Dasma students wear uniform while the La Salle-Taft don't have any?

Anyway, the UAAP season was great. La Salle won back the title. The whole season was surprising. To all La Salle-Taft students, congrat's! To all La Salle-Dasma students,... nah!

Sunday, September 26, 2004

Game from the Idiot Box...

Current Music Playing : Wicked Devil Blonde by Wolfmann

FEU won Game 2. There will be Game 3 on Thursday! Yes! I watched the whole game on the idiot box. I think 60% of the crowd were from DLSU, hoping that their team will finally bring back the championship trophy. Too bad. The FEU Tamaraws showed the true spirit of a champion. Arwind Santos truly deserves the MVP award plus the Defensive Player of the Year (back to back!). I love underdogs! The Green Archers are on the winning streak and FEU came from the Game 1 lost.
I'm not a student nor an alumni from the two school mentioned above. I just love the sport and the intensity of the game. You will definitely witness the school spirit from the crowd. Plus, you can see pretty girls from different schools... HEHEHEHE! I wish I could watch the game LIVE!!! HUHUHU!